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Download more than YouTube videos for free, ITD Video Downloader is a video downloader that you can use to download videos from YouTube, as well as from many other streaming websites. You need the clips you want to watch and it gives you offline access. You can also convert directly to the app! Cut and convert your (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); As the name suggests, this application is great for downloading videos from YouTube, it also works well on over 50 websites and not all streaming services. You can also use ITD with websites on social networks like Facebook. This makes the free version of this program versatile, although some video downloaders boast that they can download them from thousands of websites. The program offers additional features that make the process and experience easier. It can be used to convert video files to other formats, has basic editing tools, and you can watch clips in the app using the built-in video device. This is always useful when the app has features that work together to save you time and you don’t have to download another independent app to complete the job. ITD has a basic but easy to navigate interface. The functions are divided into four cards, which are presented in the order in which you will probably need them. With the free version, you can’t download multiple videos at once, but you may want to move between download tabs while watching another video. You need to find the video you want in your web browser. After going to a website, say Dailimotion, find the right web page for your video. When you get there, just copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into the required field in the ITD. The program behaves like a web browser, so if you sign in to access content, ITD may ask for yourletters of credit. Main features ITD has four cards, which makes it easier to perform tasks. Paste the URL of your video on the download tab and select the quality you want. Choosing the best available will mean 1080p HD if it can be found, but if you want a smaller and faster download, you can choose a lower quality than HK 360p or regular. After selecting the quality, you select the download location on your computer where you want the video to be saved. You are now ready to download. Tracking download progress is made easy with the Activity tab. Shows you the video name, file size, progress rate, speed, and remaining time. You can put videos in the download queue and they will appear in the activity window, but you need the pro version to download or convert more files. The Pro version also allows you to convert a file while downloading it. Keep your options open Perhaps the most useful feature is the conversion tab. It gives you the ability to convert to MP4, MP3, VMV, MOV and others. There are also useful suggestions for compatible devices, such as iPad videos. You can choose to delete the original, the conversion quality, and select a new file location. There are also editing tools on the conversion tab. The in-app editing tools are very useful, they are not advanced, but they do just enough to be useful. You can adjust the volume of the video, which means you can turn up or completely remove the sound. You can also crop the clip by entering the desired start and end times. The last card is for playing your clips. This is useful for checking results after editing and converting videos, or just for watching videos while downloading more. Download speeds are average; you need to upgradeto the pro version for faster download. Alternative Notebooks The ITD Video Downloader is suitable for most needs and is available in a number of different onesplatform so you can use it on all your devices. If you do not agree with this or you need other features, you may want to consider some of the other options on the market. For those who are primarily interested in recording videos from YouTube, 4k Video Downloader is a viable alternative. There is a useful option to download audio only in MP3 format. The process is similar to ITD, with the function of copying and pasting URLs. The speeds are quite high and you can download multiple files at the same time. Another possible alternative with potential is the Ummi Video Downloader. It is a convenient and easy to use YouTube downloader. Like ITD, it is free and gives you access to offline media clips. It has conversion options, a way to put files in order, but not download at the same time, and a basic interface. If speed is your main goal, then Fast Video Downloader could be for you. It works with multiple video streaming sites and you can quickly download multiple files. You can also schedule downloads to save time and it works well. However, the free trial is limited to other features and will not work anywhere with all the videos in your videos, ITD Video Downloader does not require prior knowledge and experience because the interface is self-explanatory. There is a useful section with frequently asked questions that explains all the terminology and gives answers to the most common problems. This makes this application simple and easy to use. Add to that the fact that it’s free and you see that it’s a great option for downloading videos. The fact that you can download, convert, make basic changes and play videos in one application is a real plus. It is versatile and convenient and does not require additional programs to help you complete your task. The inability to download multiple files is a downside, although the ability to line up videos helps to partially make up for it.The latest version of the ITD video downloader has made some changes to the interface. The appearance has been changed in small ways in order to organize the functions more logically and improve the visual appeal of the entire program. Problems with recurring upgrade queries have also been fixed.