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VVE 2K17 combines elements of reporting and fighting in a wrestling game that is much closer to the VVE match than any other on the market. You can play different types of matches, from a multi-wrestler slugfest to throwing in a stage, creating your own character or as a VVE star. In MiCareer modeGames, you play your character through the rise and fall of a wrestling career, hoping that you get not only games, but masupobeda.

Improvements to a successful (function () {(‘overview-app-side desktop’);}); VVE 2K17 gameplay improved the basics of previous games. The most important change is the new star rating displayed duringgames. You have to divert most of the troubles has continued to fight and diversify from just the best attack on spammenviederholt to pin. Other new features include Ringid’s role for managers and capabilities. Reduce promotions using a dialogue menu such as Telltale. If you enjoy the content onShovcase 2K16, you will be disappointed because it has more historical material here.

For Smark smarkIn must be “Smark” – “smart Marko” – is a fan that knows and walks behind the scenes around the world and still loves to see a good party. In that case, you will surely enjoy the combination of the struggle and the theater in VVE2K17.

VVE 2K15 finally came to the computer, last October last year, he went to the console. The PC version adds all content to download games to one package, which is a great value. However, the delay between checks was interrupted by the attractiveness of this port.

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VVE fans will probably know the story of this game. We hope that the franchise with 2K Sport is now on board and is long expected to be carefully examined. Raft Download
Totally new animations, voices and character models are the focus of the wish list for renovation.

Unfortunately, fans of VVE did not get it.Instead, 2K Sports was bought in Visual Concepts (developing their NBA titles) to play a brilliant, polishing and lifting face, but left the basic mistakes. The result is a game that looks good until you start playing. Do not do this wrong, VVE 2K15 radios are as good as VVE 2K14.The problem is that fans expect more.

In other words, this new phase adds some new gameplay phrases that can indicate future direction corrections. Includes a manual mechanic (usually seen at the beginning of the battle) that is included in minigames in scissors-paper scissors. Then follow the delicatea relationship with a right stick to find a sweet spot faster than an opponent, and a good uncertaintyCreate a close proximity. It looks good if you appear to be spectators, but as a player you are so concerned about the profits that you lost a lot of continual returns.

From here it continuesas usual. The exact exact rings, strikes and counter mechanics are all in the game and still require the franchise of a patient who loves fans. Usually it works well against every opponent, it becomes momentum and speedgame.

Turn around

However, it does not take long to detect the problem. To beout of place while running The movement is your super star, which vhimsicalli spins around, and the fight against more than one opponent is too often tied to false rivals. Sometimes it’s awkward, but if you pick a needle and talk to other competitors, it can be a game that loses insults.

Mythe real complaint of VVE 2K15 stems from what is missing here2K14 or earlier versions of the console.

2K14 offers a one-player campaign that takes you to Vrestlemain in preparation for Vrestlemania from 30 to 29 years. This year’s mod has been replaced by two fighting struggles: the degeneration of Kss and Price and CMPunks explodes. It works well if you are a fan of these characters, but the iconic character last year lacks a weaker experience in solo. When lucky, a well-rounded racing regime that guides you through the development of the VVE NKST League will make up for it.

Other ways that can be viewed fromVVE 2K 15 are the creators of the story. Although I rarely have a patient for myself, the creations of other people have disappeared (while the common fashion does not get a hand here).

My last problem with VVE 2K15 was that the stories grew significantly during the time when it reached the console. So, it looked like they were charactersin the game placed at another location from the current situation. Take Cesara, who is rated at 93 (one of the highest in the game), but is currently in danger of being separated with Tyson Kid. Plus point is that CM Punk still has a real side viewer who remembers this may be the last timeappears in the pink VVE game.

Player B +

The biggest sin of VVE2K15 took its first half step. I saturated my fans with images and more effort in animations and mods in recent years. It’s the same game as last year – it just looks better. That’s, maybe the next year’s games2K will be held to go on the road, he continued. Some new performance discoveries can go a long way to life with visually stunning character models in this year’s world.

And maybe next year, we’ll see that the computer version is timely. please