WinNc 9.3 download torrent

WinNc, guide file management, like Norton Commander. WinNc is still compatible with Windows 8 and 7 and uses the modern Windows 10 operating system. This NC clone file manager is inspired by the double-pane ideas of the old Norton Commander file manager. You have shortcuts to all Windows 10 folders and a tab allows you to organize your information by project. Projects can contain virtual links to files and folders on the disk associated with this project tab. With the new flat interface in Windows 10, WinNc can perform all the basic tasks expected from file management, such as copying, moving, deleting, closing, unzipping and creating links. But WinNc also converts audio, burns DVDs and CDs, creates large files and can synchronize files. From zip files, it allows you to create self-extracting .exe files.

File management functions

File manager File functions WinNcWinNc uses logical colors for file functions, so you can see whether a file is being copied (green), moving (orange) or compressed (yellow). WinNc allows you to perform multiple tasks by placing the largest task parallel to more than one task. Otherwise, WinNc waits for a new operation to start until the previous operation is completed. There is a built-in file viewer that supports all popular formats. It has an integrated slide viewer, audio player and video player, so you can quickly browse media


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Here is an excellent file manager that is sought after by users. It is an excellent replacement for Windows Explorer, I think any program is really a valuable replacement, you can download WinNc below. It is important to note immediately that if someone were to use a Norton Commander, they would appreciate this product because it uses the same keyboard and mouse functions. With this program, you can conveniently access data from hard drives and FTP servers. The interface, of course, is divided into two windows, you can switch between them.

WinNc can now work with the most popular file formats. In addition, you can convert WAV files to most common MP3 files. In addition, you can burn files to discs etc. It is worth noting the multilingual interface, there is Russian support, so you can find all the settings quickly, I think there will be no problems.

WinNc has standard and advanced file management features, you can see the speed of copying data, obtain excellent graphical file viewer of 21 types, works with 12 file compression standards, has built-in FTP client, can play videos and MP3 files. I usually like the show, I also wish everyone good luck.

Language: multilingual

Size: 22 MB

Operating system: Windows

How to install:

1) Instructions are included, if necessary.

2) that’s it, done