Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu 2.0 Version 2004 Build 19041 – 2020 download torrent


Ninjutsu is a Windows-based penetration test / Red Teaming distro that focuses on penetration testing, red team movement, Android penetration testing.

It includes a complete portable arsenal of security experts, but also includes preconfigured and installed Android Pentesting Integrated Environmental. In addition, you protect your privacy by modifying and customizing Windows 10, disabling collection services / applications to improve your anonymity / appearance.


Windows 10 pre-installed distribution testing, Red Teaming and a built-in Android security testing environment.

Over 800 penetration testing tools.

Free open source tool.

Executes the command line.

A terminal with many useful functions.

Customize and optimize Windows 10 with powerful customizations.

Protect your privacy by modifying and customizing Windows 10.

Disable many annoying features built into Windows