Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 v20.08 lite (ivankehayov) torrent download

Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 lite (ivankehayov)

(size: 899 MB)

(SHA1: 6E23FF2FFC218167F7E121C8F66555728C1D49A4)


This is my Windows 10 LTSC x64 release version – ivankehayov.

All updates through August 2020 are included in the image along with .NetFx

Note that this little Windows can be installed from a USB drive if only clean (you can’t upgrade your current operating system) !!! And you don’t get new monthly updates!

Some of the services in this publication:

many compatible programs have removed the installation media and the smallest possible component sizes;

nobody was involved;

registration is not used;

IE and Calculator installed on the taskbar for convenience;

The remaining items can be installed or removed;

Language packs can be downloaded and installed;

MS account can be used.

Features removed:

Adobe Flash IE, backup, BitLocker, Cortana, disk space, ease of use, face / finger recognition, fax, file history, fonts (Asian and not widely used), Hyper-V, IE developer, IIS, text recognition. , Memory Recognition, MSMQ, MultiPoint Link, NFC Tool, Offline Maps, OCR, Child Lock, Personal Behavior Editor, Recovery, Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop Features, Sports Sounds, Speech / Audio Options, Activity Log, Storage Location, Windows Insider Hub. , Windows integration files, Windows Linux subsystem, Windows Go, Folder folders, XPS viewer / builder, multiple drivers (CHANGE ONLINE AFTER INSTALLATION!).

Items discarded (such as in StartMenu):

Calculations, Character Map, Online Browser, Notebook, Color, Toolbar, Windows Media Player, WordPad, Component Services, Computer Management, Drive Defragmenter & Optimizer, Disk Cleanup, Event Viewer, ODBC Data Sources, Printer Management, Registry Editor, Services, Configuration System, System Information, Task Scheduler, Windows Defense and Advanced Security, Windows PowerShell, Windows Security, Command Control, Control Panel, Browser Image, Run, Task Manager, Windows Management Tools.

Other products remaining:

NET frames, planes, all keyboard formats, basic drivers, Bluetooth, connection / project remote view, Internet access, file sharing assistance, legacy features (DirectPlay), close Group Policy Editor (), Locations, Media Features, Media Sharing, Hotspot Cellular, Multitasking, Print PDF files, Quick Menu, Remove Differences, Synchronization Options, System Recovery Options, UAC.

For ACTIVITIES, use any KMS launcher you can find on the Internet.

File created to change the installation process – Language: en-US, EULA accepted; Username: IK (administrator), computer name: IK-PC, time: UTC + 2h.

Donate if you like and enjoy Windows

PS: I hate bloatware on Windows 10, which ruins the experience and reduces computer usage.

I have used Windows XP Lite: starting from. I’m trying to publish on a real VM and PC.

If you come across a piece of software that doesn’t fit my release please let the PM know or leave a comment. I will try to adjust compatibility in my future monthly releases.

Enjoy using my Windows Lite application !!!