WiFi Password Dump download

Originally launched for download in 2013, this handy security utility does exactly what you would expect of it given the name. If your operating system has been storing various WIFI passwords in the background and you want to recover or remove them, then this is the software for you. WIFI Password Dump is free to download and uses the free command line tool to rapidly recover all of the WIFI account passwords stored on your system.

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Once installed, this extremely useful software automatically recovers from the memory of your device all of the various type of wireless keys and passwords that might be installed on your system. This includes things like WEP, WPA, WPA2 pass codes and so on things which are frequently stored by Windows Wireless Configuration Manager for later use. Being a command line tool, this makes the software very useful for the purposes of penetration testers and forensic security investigators. In other words, it allows you to look at a device and recover all of the WIFI codes that have been used on it. If you think a device might have been accessing your WIFI when it was not authorized to do so, then this is the software which will tell you. Once discovered, it is simple to remove the stored passwords so that continued use of your WIFI becomes impossible. Equally, if you have lost a WIFI password and want to recover it, then WIFI Password Dump will help to do so.

What does the software do?
For each WIFI account that is discovered by the software, information becomes available for the user. This includes the WIFI name, or its SSID. Security settings are also displayed, for example data relating to WEP-64, WEP-128, WPA2, AES and TKIP. Then users will be able to view the password type as well as the password itself displayed in both a hexadecimal format and plain text. It is then possible to delete this data or to save all of the passwords to a text (.txt) file. The software works with both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and is compatible with devices running anything from Windows Vista to Windows 10. In order to run the program you will need to log on as an administrator and to launch it from the command prompt function (). Even encrypted passwords are then recovered from the system and the program produces an address for you where they can be viewed. Each wireless device that has been contacted from the device is represented by its GUID interface. Indeed, each of the relevant wireless settings for each WIFI access point are stored in an XML file with randomly generated GUID name. The 2016 update offered enhanced features and speedier WIFI password recovery operations.

Summing up the possibilities of WIFI Password Dump
This is a very useful tool for security experts who want to inspect devices and to ascertain which WIFI networks they have been accessing. It is not, however, a hacking or cracking tool because the software is only able to help users recover their lost WIFI configuration passwords from their system.