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Offering the hopelessness of Day-Z wrapped up in the retro-visual style of Minecraft, Unturned is the zombie survival game for people who prefer a little levity in their apocalypse.

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While its blocky style may make your first thoughts wander to that ever popular crafting game, Unturned actually owes far more to Day-Z. You are thrust into the unenviable situation of being a lonely survivor of a zombie infestation. With nothing to your name bar a natty hair style, you must scour the world looking for supplies, transport, and weapons.
While multiplayer servers do allow you to occasionally meet other people as you play across the games maps, more often than not the only beings you encounter will be the undead. Thus you must use stealth and guile to survive until you are well stocked for the fight ahead.

Knock their blocks off
Unturned uses standard FPS controls. The WASD keys guide movement, while the lifesaving run, duck, and crawl movements are all conveniently bound around them. The shooter elements are similarly familiar, with the mouse controlled targeting feeling incredibly natural, despite the abstraction of the world.
With you have nothing in your inventory as you begin, it is up to you to explore the world to fill up your backpack to do battle. Here is perhaps the games one glaring issue. Once spotted by a zombie (even ones that can only crawl), it gives almost unstoppable pursuit always seeming to end up right behind you – even if you are in a car.
This leaves you sprinting through the world trying to find items to help you fight, unfortunately targeting items to pick up is a little hit and (a lot of) miss. The result of this is maddening situations in which you find yourself doing well only to be cut down by your inability to pick up the gun or ammo that could keep you alive.

Stumbling block

Despite the simplistic Minecraft look, Unturned offers numerous scalable options to provide users with machines of varying power to enjoy its open-world action. These allow you to scale the draw distance, add additional water effects, shadow, lighting, and focus, all of which combine to give a remarkable beautiful look to the blocky world. Though, it must be noted that whatever the visual setting you set, at night you will be seeing close to nothing.
Knock their blocks off
Unturned is an enjoyable free experience that balances the desperateness of its world with a jolly look and style. While it may suffer from a few minor interface issues, this is no reason not to try and survive this blocky zombie take over.