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Ubuntu is a free open source operating system for your computer. It is based on Linux, whose robust technology runs millions of servers around the world. Of all the Linux versions on the market, however, Ubuntu is the most important because of its usefulness and the number of applications available.

The result of that power, flexibility and ease of use? Ubuntu is the best alternative to Windows.

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It’s hard to avoid comparing Windows and Ubuntu: Both systems want to be your desktop PC and offer you a safe, stable and comprehensive work environment. But even though Windows costs you money, Ubuntu is free. In addition, the code is available to anyone who wants to create derivative systems.

To see how seriously Ubuntu has taken this duel with Windows, all you have to do is check out the app store – Ubuntu Software Center – where you can download and install hundreds of free apps and games and upgrade to newer versions. This series thanks to the 10-year development of Ubuntu, where the number of applications available has grown tremendously.

The standard Ubuntu installation includes all the applications and add-ons required to run and go beyond the Windows offer. For example, the LibreOffice office suite has word processing, spreadsheet and presentation features. With Ubuntu-optimized Firefox, you can browse the Internet faster and more securely.

With Ubuntu’s side menu, you can browse your hard drive and your favorite web pages, while using the file browser you can navigate through folders and files. Ubuntu dashboard settings allow you to configure all aspects of the system, from user accounts to background images.

It is compatible with most devices

Many Linux systems focus on the console (or terminal) in which you enter commands. In Ubuntu, however, the console is a less important feature: you can open it from Finder, but you can use Ubuntu and do most of the tasks without having to type commands to understand deeper technology or read technical documents.

The easy-to-use Ubuntus desktop environment is the reason for the company’s popularity. Sidebar icons and windows are familiar to even inexperienced computer users. Ubuntu is a pleasure, with many UI elements reminiscent of the Mac. The similarities of the two systems in terms of appearance and usability are considerable, but Ubuntu allows further modifications.

First of all, Ubuntu is a stable Linux system. It’s not the easiest or fastest (other Linux operating systems take this crown), but it makes sure that all your hardware works immediately after installation. It has excellent built-in support for video cards, WiFi adapters, printers, keyboards and other devices that deliver great performance.

It could be your next operating system

Ubuntu offers everything you need from a PC operating system: Not only does it have a lot of well-designed applications, but it also has a very active and useful community for beginners. And if you’re disappointed with the lack of programs and games, don’t worry: Wine (an open source software program) can help you launch more and more Windows programs.