TypingMaster Typing Test download

How fast can you write? TipingMaster Tiping Test is a useful learning tool that lets you know how familiar you are with the keyboard. It contains a variety of typing experiments to help you improve speed and accuracy as you type. There are also fun games that can be used to navigate. TipingMaster Tiping Test is a reliable typing tool for beginners and professionals.

Testing the Input Speed ​​TipingMaster first asks you to test your type speed to know how to enter smoothly. There is a time limit for each typing attempt, and users are free to choose how many minutes they want to set aside, as well as which part they want to try. Although users can choose the duration of the typing exam, the ideal time limit is 1 minute. You can start the test immediately after the time and pieces. You can also change the language, as in addition to English there are also 7 languages ​​available. (Function () {(‘overview-application-page-desktop’);}); The exam is pretty simple. All you have to do is enter the words that appear on the screen as quickly and accurately as possible. When the time expires, TipingMaster discovers the test results and the writing speed. It is estimated that you can enter several words per minute, taking into account your misspelled words. Users should keep in mind that the rabbit during a test instead of normal typing will not give satisfactory and accurate results, because errors affect the results. When you enter speed, there are 5 levels on which you can descend according to the result, and it is slow, medium, smooth, fast and professional. After achieving the results, you can take the test again if you think you can do better, or you can go to training to double your speed and improve your accuracy. Lessons and exercises The TipingMaster program has more than 500 writing exercises, all of which are divided into different lessons, focusing on training and improving one typing skill at a time. For example, the first 14 lessons help you to become familiar with the keyboard and get used to typing without looking at your fingers. As for the following lessons, it involves building speed, practicing with numeric typing, entering symbols and even typing using the numeric keypad. There are different activities under each lesson, which usually take about 10-25 minutes to complete. Improve your writing performance TipingMaster Tiping Test is easy and convenient to use. Tests and lessons can be done without users having to log in or enter information such as username and age. In addition to the writing lessons on offer, it also offers other fun ways to improve people’s writing skills. Users can participate in enjoyable writing games that build their writing lessons with little action.