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Tumblebugs is a fast-paced, simple but highly addictive game by Bigfishgames. It combines the elements of puzzle and physics-based games to create a game that makes best use of players’ problem-solving ability and reactions. Coupled with cute gameplay and graphics, this makes for a game that can potentially waste hours of productive time!GameplayIn Tumblebugs, the bugs have been taken prisoner by the bugs of the Black Bug Empire and the bugs are being tumbled towards the Empire’s hole by guard bugs. The player controls Tumble, who fires coloured bugs from his back; when three bugs of the same colour come together they are freed, occasionally starting a chain reaction that frees more. Certain bugs contain powerups such as the ability to fire over other bugs, a rewind that pushes the bugs back against their captor, and stop, which temporarily pauses the bugs. Some bugs have letters on their backs to spell the word ‘EXTRA’, which gains the player an extra life. There are two game modes: story and trial. Story mode contains 12 levels with an expanding plot, and once the levels have been unlocked, players can compete against the clock to stay alive as long as possible in trial (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });ConclusionTumblebugs is an addictive game with simple but fun gameplay. While there is little depth to the game, it makes for a great time-killer, and the powerups add to the playability.