True History of the Kelly Gang PDVD movie torrent download

The legendary forbidden Ned Kelly (George MacKay, 1917, Ophelia) in the midst of the very poor countries of 19th century Australia, grows up under the bloody and uncompromising rule of the English. Food is scarce, survival is fraught with daily strife, and every opportunity the colonists use to make their victims feel powerless is fueled by cruel cruelty. In a desperate attempt at rebellion, Ned Kellys’ mother (Essie Davis, The Babadook) sells her into the hands of the infamous Harry Power bus driver (Russel Crowe, Cinderella Man, Confidential), where a young thug finds her essence from a warrior family called Sons of Poop. Led by its roots and fierce revenge, Ned Kelly leads an anarchist army to destroy their oppressors in one of the most violent attacks the state has ever seen. The True History of Kelly Gang brings a revolutionary twist to the iconic work of folklore. Based on a novel by Peter Carey.