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Genre: Action, Horror, Horror
Director: Yeon Sang-ho
Stars: Kang Dong wins, Lee Jung-Hyun, Kwon Hae-Hyo, Kim Min-Jae, Koo Kyo-Hwan
Synopsis: The peninsula appeared four years after the train to Busan as the characters struggled to escape from landslides caused by unprecedented disasters.
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When the zombie virus exploded in South Korea, two passengers on a train from Seoul to Busan were struggling to survive.

Director: Sang-ho Yeon

Screenwriter: Sang-ho Yeon (screenplay)

Stars: Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim, Yu-mi Jeong

Genre: Action | Horror | tension

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean


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Running time: 1 hour 58 min

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