Topaz Mask AI 1 Torrent Download

Making complex decisions by hand and fixing them almost always takes longer than expected. Meet the AI ​​Topaz Mask. AI Masks allows you to make attractive masks in no time thanks to our machine learning technology and intuitive planting techniques. Fewer users for high-quality masks have always been the photographer’s dream, and now you can achieve them with AI Mask.

How do we simplify masking?

Compared to Photoshop, AI masks don’t need boring brushes to get high-quality masks. And you don’t need to learn complicated icons and tools. With an AI mask just delete roughly the blue theme, with one click the contents of what you want to cut, with one click the contents you want to save and click Count mask. Very simple. Our neural network is ready to distinguish hard edges so you can get a great mask from the first try.

Easy storage for all types of photos

Mask AI includes machine learning for masks that are more accurate and less refined.

Unique AI Trimap mask technology

It is possible to make better cuts in Photoshop and that can take a whole day to work on. The color-coded intuitive system with masked AI reduces it to 4 simple steps: retention, cutting, counting, and replacement.

Calculation brush.

Just draw a blue line around the edge of what you want to count. The good thing is you don’t have to be perfect, save a few subjects and the immediate area that you want to hide. Our technology will make a massive appointment

Purification brush

Our smart brush (Cut, Hold and Count) uses our technology and allows you to make clean and precise enhancements without hitting perfect colors. Our machine will make decisions for you and speed up your workflow.