The Predator 2018 HD full movie torrent

Genre: horror, science fiction, action, adventure

Director: Shane Black

Stars: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, James Trembl, Kigan-Michael Kay, Olivia Munn

Land: From flying to the small street of the city, hunting home. Now, huntingMost ecstatic is stronger, clever, and deeper than ever with DNA to improve DNA of other species. If the boys start back into the world by accident, this is just a military of former soldiers and a dissatisfied science teacher can prevent the end of humanity.


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From outside the streets of Suburbs go hunt for Shane Bleks home, who has a revaluation bomber of the Predator suit. The Big Take 2018 At present, the most eclectic hunters are strong,Wisdom and mystery ever, by adding DNA of other species. If a boy accidentally tries to return to this world, only the military team and the dissident science teacher can prevent human deaths.

If a young manInadvertently triggers the mortalest universe, the hunter back into the world, only the veterans of the veterans and dissatisfied scientists can prevent the end of humanity.


Shane Black Writers:

Fred Decker, Shane Blake | From flying to the streets of the small town of suburban hunting home.At present, the most deadly predators in the universe are stronger, more intelligent and worse, genetically improving their genes from other species. When a young man comes back to the earth,It is only the veterans students are dissatisfied with science teachers can prevent the end of humanity.