The Meg 2018 Movie Torrent

Large animals were attacked deep in the sea from the previously underestimated surveillance project and now there is a mistake in the bottom of the strongest coastline in the Pacific with its crew.He was caught inside. In the meantime, Jonas Taylor, a deep sea expert, was appointed by scientists from China, to the needs of his daughter Suyin, to help crew and sea from external threats.This: The 75ft before the history called Megalodon. What no one can imagine is that Taylor has experienced this miracle, many years ago. Now, according to Suyin, he must face his fears andRebuke your own life to save all those who are caught under his face to face again with the greatest and greatest predators of all time. Address

After escaping from the attack by what he claims to be a shark70, Jonas Taylor must have experienced his fears to save those arrested in the jungle.

Director: Jon Turteltaub

Author: Dean Arorgaris (screen script), Jon Hoeber (screen script)

Star: Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson

Genre: Action Horror Ski-fi Thriller

Country: China | USA


Source:1080p KOR – thank you!

ViDEO: 1600 Kbps

DECISION: 720×304

RUNTIME: 1h 49m 43s

Topic: Korea (Hardcoded)

AUDIO: 192 Kbps AC3



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