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The story of Ray Kroc, a supplier that transformed two brothers’ innovative fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, into one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, with a combination of ambition, persistence and cruelty.

Director: John Lee Hancock

Composer: Robert D. Siegel (as Robert Siegel)

Stars: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch

Genre: Biography | History of Drama

Country: United States


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Other quality releases, we’re at the end of this season.

We may have won the title in mid-December, but out of respect for Hollywood and the studio, we have deferred the title to theaters.

Over two weeks for the film has a good chance of being in theaters and on budget.

Because we didn’t want to cause problems, all titles were suspended for more than a month or so, or until the web-dl launch or close.

As always, our goal is not to hurt anyone, just to give people a second chance to watch a movie in theaters to watch their favorite movie at home. Also for people who can’t go to the cinema because of some kind of health, and so on, so they can also try out some awards. We’re trying to be good here. We know that some may not like this as a reason to share these movies, but we hope that by delaying the release date, it will make everyone happy.

Finally: big thanks to our guys on the road selling all these SCR disks in mid-December. They help bring happiness to many people and their families.



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