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A private forensic investigator has a problem of conscience when he suspects that his partner, who shoots him, is being murdered.
Author of Francis Ford Coppola:
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Gene Hackman, John Cazale, Allen Garfield | Harry Caul is a devout Catholic who loves jazba music playing his saxophone while listening to his jazba recordings. A San Francisco-based expert in electronic screening, he owns and operates his own small screening company. He is known as the best in the field, who designs and manufactures his research equipment. He is a very private and private person in his personal and professional life, which deeply saddens Stan, a fellow businessman who often feels out of place with what is happening with his work. This confidentiality, including not allowing anyone into their home and constantly calling their customers, in part using payphones, is meant to control what’s going on around them. His most recent and stan’s (hard) job is recording the private conversation of a small couple meeting in a busy and noisy Union Square gathering. The agreement with his client, known simply as the ‘director’, is to make an audio recording of the discussion …