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Prior to entering the market, WhatsApp Web Telegram offered to use a secure desktop application as required by the desktop. This can be lightweight compared to Skype, but it’s still far ahead of WhatsApp, which does not release customers.
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desktop (like the founder wants to show). Telegram for the desktop is still available to Mac.

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To start using Telegram for Desktop, you must register for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. After you confirm your details with the mobile application,You’re ready to start a conversation.

This application allows you to easily communicate with your mobile phone, send unlimited voice and video files (in groups, if you have selected), and put on the icon and cartoon from world-renowned leaders,Including Gandhi. Telegram for Desktop also works well with other social networking services (such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter), previewing any content you share the application, and giving Instagram or Twitter an overview of this type of interaction.

While your phone contacts are automaticSynced to the desktop version, you can also search for others through your username. Alert settings can also be edited for each person involved – so you can break friendships if they send you too much!

One of the strengthsTelegram is a group discussion feature. Unlike other applications, Telegram can have several executives. System administrators can change the image and group names and add or remove users. This service also allows you to group1000 people!

Speed ​​requirements and safety

Security is the key of Telegram’s different, and this is no different from the desktop version. Messages are encrypted in the cloud but no secret conversation (self-destruction,Not stored on a corporate server, and can not be forwarded) for the desktop version. For security for desktop client access, Telegram for Desktop detects two factors, so you can set more steps to stop unauthorized access.From this program, you can also view the location / device you enter, and stop the personal meeting.

Due to the fact that WhatsApp has come to Facebook, there are concerns about what happens to user information,Where Telegram hopes to extend its contract not to sell user information.

Speed ​​is Telegram and other important things. Send dozens of upcoming photos, while audio and video are also uploaded and shared quickly.

Even the versionThe desktop may not have the functionality of their children (secret conversation, voice messages, and group conversations), this is also a very good messaging service. The writing is seamlessly synchronized between the device, and immediately after you see a message on the device,It’s meant to read on the other side, which means you do not need to have some notifications.

What do you say?

Telegram is a reliable alternative to WhatsApp, especially considering that there are no clientsdesktop. Thanks to ensuring privacy and security for today’s users, Telegram has built a place in the market.
Messenger for Desktop download Desktop clients are not as compliant as other free alternatives, such as Viber, Line, and Skype, but it is speed and security, you are here, this application is for you.