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Free Screen Sharing Tool TeamViewer is a simple tool that shares your desktop with another user available for Windows. The service allows you to share your own desktop screen or view others. Invited users can control a different desktop, if allowed, so that they can help users experiencing the screen (function () {(‘browse-program-page-desktop’);}); TeamViewer is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a remote access desktop tool that is great for simple and fast tasks such as IT assistance or hands-on training. Whether used professionally or between friends and family members, it is a powerful tool on any online network. The application covers almost all mobile devices and computer systems so that they can all communicate with each other while sharing files, chatting and viewing or controlling each other’s computers. The desktop background is always dimmed for privacy reasons. TeamViewer developers are constantly adding features and bug fixes to provide the highest level of usage without complicating the system. You need to create a TeamViewer account and go through a long installation process before you can start. Setting your time When you are ready to launch the latest TeamViewer, you have to go through a long installation. This setting is required and cannot be missed during creation or login during the process. If you use the service on two of your own devices, you will have to repeat this installation, except you will be using a previously created account. This allows you to see the ID of each device, make sure to include them if you need them later. Connecting to another computer To connect to another computer, you need to know the TeamViewer ID. To do this, go to the Allowed Remote section and share your ID and temporary password so that another computer can connect to your desktop or remote if you want to access someone else’s computer. The Remote Computer Management option has several TeamViewer modes. You can, as the name implies, take control of another desktop, transfer files between devices, or create a VPN between you. Meetings You can arrange a meeting or presentation in the same way as a group call via Skype. You can meet by phone or video, and you can submit drafts or files on the screen. There are a number of other benefits, such as TeamViewers remote access and file sharing options. File transfer A connection mode called File transfer allows you to transfer files between two devices connected via TeamViewer. You can access this option on the Remote tab at the start of the connection or during a live session. When you open file transfer, a window will appear with both your files and the files of the person you are linked to. You can use keyboard shortcuts or a drag and drop tool when selecting files. All transactions are entered in a dialog box and file transfer can be stopped at the touch of a button. VPN TeamViewers In VPN mode, two computers can connect as if they share the same network. This can be used by players in titles like Minecraft to host their worlds. You can be there tooprint documents on any connected printer used by another desktop. Both devices needed to have a TeamViewer installation process when VPN was enabled, if it was disconnected from your computer during installation you can easily enable it later when you need it. However, it takes a while for the driver to install itself on the desktop. Alternative Programs If TeamViewer is not the best choice for file sharing, remote access or conferencing,these are some great alternatives that specialize in a particular area. Parsek is designed with gamers in mind as a way for two people to play in the same spot for multiplayer even if they are miles apart. This is a well-designed remote access that always prioritizes host control. However, it does not provide placement when working in a low-end system. is a file sharing application that is most popular on mobile devices and can be used on both mobile devices and desktops. It can transfer files at a speed that exceeds the download speed of your networks, and can share any installed application. LogMeIn Hamachi is a private VPN service that does not require you to reconfigure your network. It is faster to set up, but you may have to restart your computer for it to work. Skype is a great way to meet online or miles away. You can make group calls or video calls and send messages in any file format. The maximum file size is 300 MB, but it may take a while to become a good IT tool. Setting up takes a while, but it takes time. Each device has its own ID and other users cannot connect to your devices without a temporary password. The service can also be used for meetings and presentations, so you can hold a conference with anyone anywhere, making the service a tool for people who share their ideas or company and give presentations to colleagues who don’t attend the meeting in person.