Tableau Desktop Professional Edition 2019 Download

Answer questions at the speed of ideas and tables. Tableau Desktop Pro is a business intelligence tool that allows you to easily view, analyze and share large amounts of data. Click Through Analysis – A powerful analysis tool at your fingertips.

Dynamically split data, break up forms into different groups, or see a detailed analysis of groups. Double-click the geographic location to place information on the map. All without writing a single column of numbers. Advanced Statistics – Get deep into your data and calculate new data in existing data. Make individual predictions, build a box, and see a summary of your data.

Get the fastest insights

Leave the chart builder behind. Direct analysis of visual analysis data. An interactive dashboard helps you discover flies’ classified information. The table links people to their natural ability to see patterns for quick viewing, suggesting everyday eureka opportunities and moments.

Connect for more information

Join the data in advance or with big data, SQL databases, spreadsheets or cloud applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce. Access and merge non-encrypted data. Energy users can share, share and manage metadata to maximize data sources. The analysis begins with the data. Learn more from you with tables.

Answer detailed questions

Unique analysis requires more than a good dashboard. Quickly build powerful calculations from existing data, drag and drop reference lines and predictions, and view summary statistics. Make your argument and analysis of trends, records and corrections for accurate understanding and statistics. Ask new questions, focus on locations, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Map your data

The answer is where and how. Automatically create interactive maps. The figures indicate fast electronic drawing in more than 50 countries around the world. Use geographic codes and specific regions for privatized areas, such as retail outlets. We’ve created a dedicated spreadsheet map to help you hear your information.

Let everyone be in it

Launch a static slide for life stories that others can explore. Create interesting stories that allow everyone you work with to ask your questions, analyze images that interact with new data. Become part of a data sharing culture and expand the impact of your awareness