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Get a reliable solution on remote computers with this AppSupremo is a productivity tool that provides a gateway between two computers. It allows accessing a remote computer to control it or providing remote access to another machine for the same purpose. If you want to control your computer at home or if you want to start a meeting, this application is useful;

Simple and safe operation We will recognize that TeamViewer is one of the precursors in remote access applications. But the application can be quite complicated, as it is filled with several features, including file transfer, meetings and presentations. The Supreme is much simpler because it focuses exclusively on remote access, chat and file transfer. It is also composed of a small executable that makes it portable (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Suffice to say that the application does not require installation. There are also no dependencies, such as a .NET or Java framework. In addition, there is no risk of installing unwanted third party components, as you only need to use the application on both computers. Each computer has a unique ID that converts it into a server, which is then transferred to the remote application, with an intuitive interface for easy use, even by inexperienced users. It also works smoothly, without having to turn on the operating system to crash or crash. Once connected and working with the remote computer window, all keyboards are sent there, including minimizing all windows, copying and pasting. In addition, the application allows multiple customers to link to the link; As mentioned, the application uses servers to easily connect two computers. But that does not mean that the application compromises your security to facilitate the connection. With Supremo, you can connect with a 256-bit AES algorithm and UAC compatibility with complete security on a remote device. Client access also needs ID and dynamic work; In addition to password protection, the Supreme Court can also whitelist computers with permitted IDs. Allows the app to ignore computers that are not on the list. You can also apply a proxy configuration to connect to the Internet. Finally, you can run the tool on every Windows boot until the Supreme, with most remote clients, has files, chats, organizations, and more, with the file transfer feature. At the top of the server computer’s large window, you can access the menu of actions you can perform, including transferring files and folders to the remote computer. But that is not all. You can also chat to interact with the remote. In addition, users can also switch to full screen mode or send key combinations. To improve the performance of a remote monitor, you can also install a video mirror; In addition, you can also switch keyboard tests, show all monitors and improve the color depth of your remote computer. Finally, you can maintain an address book with multiple computers to connect without looking for your credentials. You can create different groups, export the address book to a file and import it furtherafternoon. The tool logs all sessions so that you know which ID is associated with the server. You can export records to CSV for personal use. But while it seems like the perfect application, some disadvantages need to be considered. On the one hand, the quality of the remote computer is not so good. Furthermore, the frame rate was less impressive, even with a video mirror driver; decent remote control of the desktop computer.In short, Supreme is a recommended app if you are looking for a free alternative to your remote control software. The application’s simple interface makes it easy to use, even for beginners. It’s feature-rich, allowing you to do more with your connected PCs. There may be some warnings, but the app is worth a try.