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On a remote planet called Chitn, the evil General Skorba, along with his forces, threatens to conquer and destroy all cities and inhabitants, but a scientist named Jan and his wife decide to save their son by giving the giant robbers and taking him to the planet from Earth into a space pot to keep it safe and sound. When General Skorba arrives, his daughter uses her telepathic powers to track the baby, promising that her father will kill and destroy Earth by traveling to another position in the first place, but in orbit. Jan’s baby skin got stuck in the satellite and fell in Spain and not the US as needed. Thirty years later, without knowing his past and hiding his power from everyone, Juan Lpez is an office worker trained in a small town and trained by two farmers who have an auto repair shop. When he could no longer hide her and wanted to help people, Juan saved the train from the accident and unwittingly explained it to the public and the adult casings, the CEO of his own company and the world’s most important cleaner changed. , and traveled to Spain to catch Juan. After Luisa Lanas, Juan’s ex-lover, things get complicated