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Far away on the planet Chetn, the evil General Skorba threatens to conquer his army and destroy all cities and residents, but Yang and his wife, a scientist, decide to save their newborn baby by giving special powers and sending it to planet Earth . to keep him safe. When General Skorba arrives, he uses his telepathic powers to chase baby Ghat baby and promises that his father will kill and destroy planet Earth after his first launch into space, but Jan’s son glides through an artificial satellite to Spain reach, not the US, as you can. Thirty years later, unknown to his past and ability, Juan Lepes is an office worker who has trained and trained a small town with two farmers who have a car repair shop. Juan cannot hide his time and is unwilling to help people, and accidentally unleashes a subway, and now the adult ghaas are the CEO of his own company and the world’s most important car wash company, driving to Spain to catch Juan. . Things get complicated after Louise Lanas, Juan’s former love