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Stronghold Crusader is a real time strategy computer game that allows you to deal with conflicts between seasons.
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The demo version gives a taste of the action before deciding whether you want to buy a full game for a series of age civilizations and civilizations, it’s your job in Stronghold Crusader to keep the security of your army in the Middle East First, second and third Crusaders. This means sticking to the Muslim forces and solving the conflicts between their own people as part of every Crusader (function () {(“Review-app-page-Desktop”);}); You these achievements in Stronghold Crusader buying supplies and building forts in the cities of control. In addition, you go for campaigns for places like Nice, Jerusalem and Antioch, and there is even a feature of the game called the Trail Crusader, which consists of a series of 50 missions that are combined and pit him against many different Crusaders this is Interesting for different characters, from historical figures such as Richard Lion to fictional creations like a rat, a boy who is made poor, but later inherits the Earth and money. These characters have their own story back in the stronghold Crusader, which is used to play a little more, the stronghold Crusader graphics are Dim compared to other computer games currently on the market. Gameplay can also be repetitive, if played by a length you are a history crusade buff or just enjoy a historical themed game of PC campaign, give a stronghold Crusader a try.