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I’ve tried many virtual sticky note apps, but I never found one as feature-rich and easy-to-use as StickyNote you can create as many virtual notes as you need and stick them to your desktop, so that you don’t forget about appointments, tasks, addresses, ideas, phone numbers or any other information you need to store. Plus all the notes you create with StickyNote can be password protected and have support for alarms, so that you can use them as (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Besides those features, StickyNote stands out from other similar apps for various other reasons. They’re highly customizable (including a really nice 3D effect), can be attached to documents or programs, and shared with other people via email. The program also includes an extensive configuration menu to tweak all the is also very easy to use. You can create a new note by double clicking the program’s icon in the system tray or the icon on your desktop, as well as minimizing or hiding them with a single click. The only thing I could complain about this great little app is the note editor: it doesn’t display scroll bars when you enter a long text, which makes it difficult to is one of the best virtual sticky note apps I’ve ever tried!

(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });For people with busy schedules, it may be a bit difficult to keep track of everything thats happening to you. In order to keep your agendas in order, you can use 7 Sticky Notes by Fabio Martin, a virtual version of post-it ; This program stands apart from other sticky notes software due to the fact that it supports formatting. You can change the font style, size, and colors of your notes. You can also change font styles and alignments, as well as add bullets and indentions. Additionally, you can add an alarm to serve as a reminder, but this isnt required for every note. 7 Sticky Notes is one of the best sticky notes software out there, and users wont regret checking it out.