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MySQL is probably the world’s most popular open source database engine but it can be difficult to administrate using its text-based tools and configuration files. SQLyog provides a full graphical interface to make using MySQL’s powerful features simple even for Edit Administrate and Query MySQL DatabasesSQLyog’s intuitive graphical user interface makes managing all aspects of your MySQL databases easy. Simple operations can be accomplished using the many pre-defined tools and functions while more complicated tasks can be built using the graphical editor which helpfully generates queries in correct SQL syntax to perform and learn from. SQLyog is able to handle databases of all sizes and can use SSH an HTTP tunnelling to make remote access simple and secure. Data transfer from external ODBC-compliant databases is also easy using the in-built import (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Opening Up MySQL’s Power to EveryoneThere’s no doubt that the MySQL engine is highly powerful and flexible but managing its features through the standard text interface is daunting for beginners and a little clunky for even experienced users. SQLyog removes this barrier by making even its deepest functions available through a friendly and accessible interface. The one major downside is the complicated pricing structure offering several editions of differing power and functionality charged on a per-user fixesChangesBug fixes