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It is found in the world as ours, but completely inhabited by animals, Sing Star Buster Moon, a smart Koala that runs a huge theater that has fallen in difficult times. Buster is an optimist – a fine, perhaps a little bastard – who primarily loves the theater and does everything to preserve it. Now confrontingWith his broken ambition, he has the last chance to bring the jewel to come at its heyday by creating the most competitive singing in the world.
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Jong-s, a part-time worker, collapsed into Hae while deliveringhim, who lived in the same neighborhood. Hae wants me to watch himon his cat when he’s on his way to Africa. When …

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Writer Chang-dong Lee:

Jungmi Oh (scenario po) (as Jung-mi Oh), Chang-dong Lee (scenario bi) | Jong-su, a part-time worker, collapsed into Hae-midok delivered, who lived in the same neighborhood.Hae wants him to watch his cat while on his way to Africa. When Hae returns, he introduces Ben, the mysterious man he met in Africa, Jongsu. One day Ben visits Jongwith Hae and confesses his own secret hobby.

When the Israeli Bachelor of Mid-Years learned that he was histhe former girl gave birth to her son 20 years ago, found herself to evaluate her life choices.