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Shimeji-ee is a software tool that throws small desktop companions or mascots onto your computer screen. These little companions can be cute or mischievous depending on the shimeji you and CuteAlso called Shimenji English Enhanced, Shimeji-ee enables users to append single or multiple fun characters to their computer screen. Drawn by some of the best artists from across the globe, these characters are usually playing around and wandering on your screen. Shimeji needs Java to function and the minions actions are defined using XML files. The animations and images can be altered, making the program highly customisable. Right-clicking on the mascot brings up a contextual menu that provides multiple options. The menu can be used to alter the little munchkins behavior, such as making them climb a ceiling, walk and sit, jump from the right edge of the screen, (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Intuitive and Simple InterfaceThe software programs interface is highly intuitive, yet minimal. The interface presents you all the mascot options available. You just have to select the mascot from the lot. Users can add multiple characters to their lists. There is no limit as such on the number of characters that can be chosen. Shimeji-ee is open-source, which means users can present their own Shimeji characters. If you are into coding and you are also good at sketching, this is an opportunity for you to showcase your skills to the world.