Security Screensaver 32-Bit

The tread protection screen may sound familiar. Precisely this version of Microsoft makes the screen protection style popular, like other antivirus programs, and the problem with Microsoft Microsoft Essentials is that you’ll never find time to fully scan your system. You are always busy with something else and you need all the power of the computer for yourself. Thanks to the screen saver, this problem is over because it scans the system while the computer (function () {(‘application-page-desktop-desktop’);}); Security screen protection works just like a normal screen saver and takes over the monitor. when you do not use the computer for a specified period When enabled, the screensaver updates the anti-virus signature file and launches the full system. There are two different working screen security programs: one that displays the program logo when running in the background, and the other that shows only a black, black screen. You can choose the one you want and set it as the default screensaver by right-clicking the file and selecting Install. Below, the preview function in the screen saver settings window is not a simple screen saver that protects your system because it updates the Microsoft Security Essentials database and scans the system.