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Rdja is a title that combines many Machiavellian, the most popular genres: first person action, survival and construction-all play on servers up to 300 people, in beautiful world searches. The pleasure of the players who are looking for something different.

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When you start a new part of the rust, you burst into a random spot on a huge island game. Equipped with just a stone, a lamp and two ties, you need to think fast if you want to survive the wild beasts, online gamblers and other dangers around you. Fortunately, you Rock offers you some defense when you start to pick raw materials (wood, stone, etc.).
This is a concept known to anyone who knows the mining vehicle. When you have gathered enough material, you create new objects and change the environment, such as building a home where you store equipment and restart when you die. But unlike the silence of the mining vessel, it’s Krissy also a ruthless element, because the people on your server are willing to chase you to steal your resources. Other players can be your friends and you join in your adventures, but they are probably going to attack you, steal your house (using explosives to open the door), and leave you to die.

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Do not let it be misled by the hand of construction and adaptation; This is the place where the likeness is with Minemint. It is necessary to find shelter, to stay warm, to eat and to survive is most important. Besides, you have to find ways to defend yourself, create the armor and weapons to reject attacks. This is a great advantage for rust because the biggest focus on conflicts and survival offers a prolonged call for those who are quickly tired of mining stuff.
A rust image is an impressive shape at the moment you start, even though you need a powerful computer to really enjoy it. But despite their technical quality, the environment repeats itself quickly. There are no variations in the ecology of the island you are going through, and the great expansion of grass and stone is quickly tiring.

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The rust is still in development, but it is already the creation of a new standard in the genre. With a solid mix of survival, construction and action, it is clear its view is fixed on a mining craft.
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Note that in the current version of the number of objects you are building is still quite limited, as it can be expected to grow as fast as a rdja.