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(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Road Rash is a racing game by Electronic Arts, which features street motorcycle racing with brawling against other racers and the police. There were six different ports released across gaming platforms during the 90s. This version is the PC port that boasts realistic graphics at that time. It has simple racing mechanics where the motorcycle stays on the same horizontal axis while turning is done by moving left or right. The physics affect how the motorcycle moves on sharp turns, ramps, hills, and uneven terrain so players can use the terrain to launch themselves on great distances or get hit by accident. Every racer, including the player, has a stamina bar and running out of stamina causes a Wipeout. Players can inflict damage against rival drivers but they must watch out from getting hit by obstacles or attacks. They can steal weapons by punching or kicking rival riderssome of which are cattle prods, chains, clubs, crowbar, nunchaku, and pipes. The cops would also try to capture racers who are lagging behind. Anyone caught by the police will be Busted and the race ends for them. Completing races lets players buy upgrades or a new motorcycle.