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WakatiMuumbaThe world of reality called OASIS, has published the award-winning video OASIS users receive their Easter eggs, which will find their real inventors.


Author of Steven Spielberg:

Zak Penn (such as bi), Ernest Ka (dual environment) | In 2045, the real world is a strong city. At the same time, Vade Watts (TieSheridan) feels that he lives in the time of OASIS, a world that occurs in the world for many days. In OASIS, you can go anywhere, do anything, as individuals – the scope is your own idea.
Halloween 2018 Download OASIS was created by James Hallidai, a skilled and experienced man (Mark Rilance), which gave him great wealth and full control ofOase for the three winners he wants to be right. When Vad won the first challenge of hunting for a real attack, and he and his friends – called Fifth Five – were giving the world the discovery and risk of saving OASIS.