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Ready player

{Size}: GiB

{} Duration: 2 hours and 19 minutes

{Resolution}: 720 304 pixels

{Display aspect ratio} :: 1

{Frame Rate}: fps

{} Video bitrate: 1200 kb / s

{Video Info Format}: Advanced video codec

{Video Format}: AVC

{Audio Format}: AC-3

{Audio Language}: English

{Audio Channels}: 2 CH

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When the creator of the virtual reality, known as OASIS, died, he released a video that challenged all OASIS users to find their Easter egg that would make it searchablecondition.

Directed by:

Author Steven Spielberg:

Zack Penn (Screenplay), Ernest Klein (Scenario) In 2045, the real world is the heaviest. Only when Wade Watts (Taylor Sheridan) was alive when he escaped from OASIS, the virtual universe in which most people spent their time. In OASISto go anywhere, to do anything, it’s just a matter of limiting your imagination. OASIS was created by James Holiday brilliant and eccentric (Mark Rylance), who left a huge state and controlled all Oasis to win three races was designed forto find out who is entitled to compensation. When Wade overcame his first job challenge, he and his friends – the high five were thrown into the discovery and the dangerous universe to save the OAIS.