PhotoCartoon Professional 2 Trell Mix Download

Photo Cartoon is a graphic editor whose main purpose is to provide a network of filters that are ready to help you turn your photos into pictures, cartoons or drawings. However, the set of functions is not limited to a set of effects, because it comes with a set of image alignment controls that will help you improve the quality of the transferred photos.

Turn your photos into cartoons or cartoons

Simple interface layout, including a preview area that displays uploaded photos. Unfortunately, there is no support for group operations, so you should process several photos one at a time.

All graphic filters are elegantly displayed on the left and as you apply them you can see how they are produced in the preview area. There are filters for converting images into cartoons, cartoons, watercolors or drawings. Some filters may take longer to load than others.

Adjust photo settings to improve their quality

The graphic equalizer is located to the right of the main window, where you can search for slides for various parameters, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and hue. Photos change as you move the slider so you can see the resulting image.

There is also the ability to add text watermarks to uploaded images, which is very useful for copyright protection. You can change the color of the text, fonts and background of the watermark. On the other hand, there is no way to adjust the transparency of watermarks or watermarks of overlaid images that you edit in third-party applications.

Cartoon with basic editing features

Cartoon photos allow you to take photos quickly, but it doesn’t provide anything that other trusted photo editors don’t have. It’s approved, allows for quick editing, and provides a satisfying collection of effects to help you transform photos, but alsoit lacks some of the features provided by its competitors.


the official website does not provide information on changes in this version

Works on Windows 7/8/10