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If you love Firefox but still think it’s too slow, try the new moon instead! The goal of Pale Moon is to create a fully customized version of Firefox designed to optimize your Windows system. Pale Moon updated Firefox from its source by adding a browser to get a faster price on page, text and menu rendering ((({{‘preview-page-page-desktop’);}); About Firefox Moon demonstrates the same durability and reliability as the original browser, as well as support for Firefox extensions and themes. You can also use the services and settings of many applications, although some, such as parental controls and parental controls, have been sacrificed, Pale Moon is similar to Firefox, so you won’t see the difference here. What now? Do you see major improvements any faster? Perhaps what you can only say in a month’s time is Firefox’s Basic Law, which promises quick and excellent updates to major browser applications, delivering a number of basic clock and bottom updates. Apply a number of visuals and changes below to your browser.