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A novelty in the American Ballet Academy prestigious German understands that school is something sinister edge in the series of dreadful murderers.


Writers Dario Argento:

Dario Argento (screenplay), Daria Nicolodi (screenplay) Stars:

Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini Flavio Bako Suzy Bannion ridesGermany to hone their skills in ballet. Dragons 3.2019
He arrives at the dance academy Tanz in rain and accesses dropped after another woman escaped with shkoly.Yana returned the next morning, and this time allows. She discovers that the girl he had seen running away from the night before, Hingley,He was found dead. Soon, strange things happen. Suzie falls ill and gets a special diet; School is infected with worms; There are strange sounds; Daniel, pianist, killed by his own dog. A little research shows that the ballet school was bruxeríacomo Susie learnsuntil now.