Night School 2018 Full Torrent

A group of problem workers are forced to attend evening classes, hoping to pass a GED exam to complete high school.


Malcolm D. Lee Author:

Kevin Hart, Harri A group of problem workers are forced to attend an evening school, hoping to pass the GED exam -Gymnasium.

This comedy follows a group of mistakes forced to attend adult education for a long time and the GED exam is published.

TeddyValker is a successful man whose life changed unexpectedly when he accidentally destroyed his job. Forced to Visit the Night To get his GED, Teddy soon works with a group of disobedient students, a former enemy of his high school and a passionate teacher who does not think he’s too happy.

Jacob Rock experienced every worst nightmare for children – boarding in a dreadful old six-teen and two teacher preachers.
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He has to face all his fears immediately, as the events in horror and horror increase.