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is a popular application that helps you create and share short videos. It was launched on 2014, the application is a hit among teens, which is very simple and fun to use. It is located on Dubsmash Road, but it has its own features to stand for the mechanical that was mentioned earlier, it is a social media app that allows users to create videos that can be shared with followers on the network. FIFA 18 free
The application allows users to run a 15 second video with enabled sound. Users can follow friends and celebrities, as well as foreigners.

As a social application, it encourages its users to download videos and share it with the community. There are also content and challenges that are maintained, where a particular theme or song is defined, and users are asked to make a video referring to it. These videos come with hazets so that all can (function () (function colorful and functional interface application interfaces look great and functional. It’s like Insta gram had a paint purpose. At the bottom of the interface is a menu that leads you to the feed. You also search for the events of an app. To record videos, click the Plus button and start recording.

Social sharing functions more than other words, videos can be easily shared with friends and relatives on other social sites such as Insta gram, Facebook, Twitter and what is the Sapp.