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MSWLogo is a rare, logo-based programming environment, originally based on Lisp and intended to train a large plus logo, however, is that it is created for training, it is very easy to learn. This is a good introduction to programming for children or those who want to start programming. Not everything is boring either – although the diagrams and diagrams are their main application, MSWLogo can be used to create games or programs (function () (“Review-App-Page-Desktop”);); MSWLogo interface is almost as basic as it gets-in fact it’s kind of like the use of MS Basic itself. There are a lot of tutorials and even video guides to get to the top of the logos so you can build your own square or graphic is not a good way for beginners and kids to start on programming, but it is so limited and seldom used That you can find not go to V E RY supports the following Forformaslgo, BMP