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Free Basic Image and Color Painting Software is a free software developed by Microsoft that allows you to create image files and edit image files stored on your computer. Microsoft color or color as it is known can also be used to quickly add text to images. Not the most advanced painting / painting program out there, but does it have cult status among fans everywhere when the color is interrupted? The first version of MS Color was introduced by the Microsoft developer and the first version of Windows, Windows, 1985. That’s it. as well as all versions of Microsoft Windows since then, as well as Windows 10. The software has undergone a number of updates over the years to include advanced services as Windows computers evolve. Major updates came with the launch of Windows (function () {(” pre-app-page-desktop ‘);}); Due to its simplicity and usability and the fact that it filled all Windows machines, color quickly became one of the most used programs in earlier versions of Windows. It introduced a large number of people who first painted on computers. In 2019, fans of the aging program feared that MS Color would be blocked by Microsoft in a planned update to Windows 10 in 1903. A heated Twitter debate began. Paint’s live call was answered when Microsoft confirmed that it would not cancel and that it would still be available after the update. However, in the new update, the program was called ‘downgraded’, meaning that it could no longer be changed. Yes! MS color is free? MS Color is completely free and should be ready on your Windows PC (found in the Windows Start menu in the device file). If you don’t have color on your computer, it is not easy to install. Download the .exe file and run it and MS Color will open automatically. Users with the latest version of Windows 10 may want to try Microsoft’s high-quality 3D color software. It includes basic and advanced drawing tools to create not only unique 2D art, but also 3D objects. Microsoft Color for Mac is not available. Mac users are advised to download Paintbrush, a colorful and easy-to-use Mac OS software. Why is MS color used? Microsoft Color is a simple photo editor. Opens and saves files in Windows bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF format on one page. The app can be in color mode or double black and white, but there is no diminishing color mode. The main features of MS Colors are simple drawing tools that you can easily use to draw on a blank canvas or an existing image. In addition, colors include montage, balance, rotation, sewing and selection tools to enhance images. Color is an attractively simple program that offers very few high quality services. It is easy to use even for beginners. The user-friendly interface features a bottom left corner and a side menu at the top. The tools seem to provide user guides, even if they don’t really need them at all. The Fun of Colors only plays with tools and sees what art you can make. With a few scratches, drops and clicks you can create unusual layouts filled with colors on top. YOUcan delete passages, draw and draw freehand lines, and add hybrid effects and text in multiple fonts. You can even add transparency history. Do this on a blank canvas or in a photo booth and then place it as an image on your computer. While the tools available are limited in color, their artistic use is not limited to the imagination of the user. Together there are many online versions highlighting several amazing things that MS color creativity can do. In fact, color is criticized for its simplicity, but those who want to create a clear image design or illusion of images should look elsewhere. Photos, Gimp and Chalk, for example, all devices have advanced features and remain more practical than Photoshop. Nostalgia and Popular Fans In fact, some of MS Paint’s permanent appeal has closed to hit nostalgia. Anyone who grew up or started using computers in the 90’s will probably already be aware of the possibility of loving colors. For many, the software was the first time they realized that computers could be used for art. It’s not just casual consumers who love color. Even great artists are fans of the program. The Beatle family and artist Ringo Starr have used the app for decades and have showcased their artwork created by Color. At the same time, the artist behind the hugely successful web blog, Jim’ll Paint It, uses Microsoft Color to create his own modern and high-profile images. A long-standing collection of websites, MS Color Adventures, was originally created using the software. The simple color with which a program looks at the stunning creative results it can achieve. However, anyone looking for an alternative to MS Color will find a wide variety of similar programs that also provide simple tools and functionality. PowerPaint lets you edit images and create your own animations, and MyPaint is ideal for budding digital artists, while EZ color is a permanent alternative to classic tolerance as it changed in 30 years, color is still a favorite spot on the list with image editing apps. Ancient nostalgia, in addition to the simplicity of the program, means that it follows the staunch observance of amateur performers and professionals alike. It is actually dated and the performance is limited. Although there are often rumors that it will be rejected by Microsoft. But for those looking for an unprecedented way to create simple art on a PC, MS Color offers just enough to be too responsible without losing its approval.