Mr President! torrent download

In! You can play the role of a brave, sacrificial intelligence agent defending Ronald Rampp, the most hated presidential candidate in modern memory. In each level, you have to throw yourself before the bullet is fired to save the life of your candidate. Luckily, you’re a bullet, because the next level only brings a new killer and a new desperate dive to control the deadly shot.

The description has never been so good (function () {(‘app-view-page-desktop’);});
The game is simple: patrol the candidate and when the shot goes off, run and jump on his way. Time is crucial here; jumps too early or too late, and this is the early end of the election. But throwing a ball is fun! It’s basically a joke game. If you laugh at the absurdity of the situation, it may be that the levels are slightly repetitive. With increasing difficulty, challenges can also feel frustratingly casual. You may need luck in positioning with respect to the orientation of the ball to be successful.

Politics is serious again
Once you’ve enjoyed the bluff at the heart of this game, there’s not much left. But it should not be: It’s a useless, humorous game with little depth.