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Monopoly is the official version of the very popular board game that is played by people of all ages in countries located all the way around the world. The computer game version features colourful animated graphics as well as customizable background music that is sure to get toes Up PropertyAnyone who has ever played the board game of Monopoly will be able to get to grips with the computer version of the game straight away. Each player chooses one of the familiar pieces and rolls the dice. Each element of the game is animated and those who have chosen the dog will be able to watch the cute pooch trot around the board. Each property is also animated with scenes that reflect the status of the area, while at the start of each game players have the chance to select or deactivate special (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Taking Over the BoardWith its cool and colourful graphics, Monopoly grabs the attention of players straight away and the animations really help to draw people into the game. the only real downside of playing on the computer is that moves are made automatically and players are always charged when they land on an opponents property, which takes a little of the skill out of the game, although it could save a lot of arguments in the long run.