Microsoft Word 2013 download

The Download button of this application will redirect you to the new version of Word. You can also get a Premium version and create the best and most affordable Office Suite version, click here to run 30 days ((({{‘preview-software-page-desktop’);});

Word 2013 is a recent editing of Microsoft text that is part of Office 2013, which provides better performance than the previous version and more services

If you did not like the ribbon design that was introduced in Office Suite 2007, you do not like Word 2013. The ribbon method is back, but has been improved. The menu items have been moved to facilitate the use of frequently used functions. The ribbon menu items have been nicely updated to make them easy to distinguish.

There is also a “touch mode” that makes Word 2013 simpler than previous versions. This method is only available if you have a computer and a touch screen. The buttons will be larger, making it easier to select items.

The Welcome screen has been updated to make it more useful. You can see recently opened documents and new templates. At the top is a search box where you can search for more templates online. This is very important because Word 2013 does not provide all out-of-the-box formats.

It is now much easier to import photos because Word 2013 can download images from your Flickr, Facebook and SkyDrive accounts. Word 2013 also lets you search for images licensed by Creative Commons in Bing. There are also new guidelines that simplify posting and images in Word 2013.

PDF support has also improved significantly in Word 2013. PDF files will now be open to Word as if they were Word documents. You can convert Word documents to PDFs that are further refined. Converting and opening PDFs in Word 2013 is fast.

What’s new in Word 2013 is the ability to download software. Microsoft has an Office App Store where you can download and customize a variety of tools such as a dictionary. Although someprograms are useful, they take up space on the screen and do not work well with many documents on one screen.

Integration with Word 2013 was also easy. You can still track changes, but if you have an Office 365 account, you can sync everyone’s comments and documents so everyone associated with the document can get the latest version. Comments can be marked as full and color, which makes them less misleading.

If you are satisfied with the current word processor, there may not be enough new features to make Word 2013 optimization interesting. In addition, Word 2013 offers additional updates and services that make it the best version of text editor to date.