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The unofficial Facebook chat app for PCMessenger for the desktop allows you to communicate on Facebook directly from your computer. This unofficial third-party PC client is a social and communication tool designed to solve problems related to trying to access Messenger without opening the social media site anywhere (function () {(‘comments -app-page-desktop ‘);}); Installing this application is a simple and quick process. The first time you run desktop software, you’ll be prompted to enter your Facebook credentials. This third-party application mimics the look of the web version. Although it is not very unique, but it is good because it is available to most new users. Common sense Anyone who has used Facebook Messenger for Android, iPhone or the Internet will find that this program is very similar. All features of the Facebook Messenger mobile application are included, and the design is almost the same. If you’re used to chatting on Facebook, there will be no learning curve at all. The interface is very recognizable, and all parameters are in one place with the same icons. All your data and standard Facebook features are imported automatically. Full-screen Facebook Messenger always opens Internet chat in a small window. These things are hard to handle, especially if you want to send instant messages. Using desktop software is much easier to use. You can communicate in full screen or resize windows while performing various tasks. Be aware that if Messenger is installed on your desktop, you can have your own notification so you always know when someone is calling you. When you receive the message, it will appear in the corner of the screen with information about the sender and preview. This is great for people who are constantly working on their PCs and do not want to be busy checking their mobile phones or accessing networks.via a web browser. All the expected features of Messenger for the desktop have all the features of their mobile and web counterparts. Send an audio message at the touch of a button while the microphone is on. The software also supports voice and video calls. These features are easy to find and available to anyone familiar with the Facebook interface. Send photos and videos Add fun to chat by sharing photos and videos of your favorite moments throughout the day. You can also add stickers, emojis and more to easily express your feelings. With this program you can send GIFs, photos, videos and other files. Almost all video formats are supported, including .avi, .asf and .3g2. Not only is it faster to connect to a computer, but it’s also faster to transfer files, but you can also download media directly from your file browser without the need to transfer. Group chat Manage and create group chats directly from your desktop. Like Facebook Messenger, you can start group chats about different subtopics, events and interests and invite up to 250 members to join. After setting up your group, you can even make video or audio calls with up to 50 contacts at a time. It’s a great way to stay in touch with colleagues, family and old friends. Anonymous chat The great advantage of this application is that other people cannot see its messages while typing or reading their messages. If you’re a shy person with a keyboard, that’s an incredible thing. This can be a big mistake for anxious recipients. In our opinion, it does not matter, especially if you are chatting. Alternatively, if you are looking for another free messaging app for Windows, consider downloading WhatsApp or Telegram. They won’t send messages via Facebook, but they are a good desktop application for using initially unlimited cellularphones. Messenger for Desktop is a useful software that does not consume too much desktop space. You can use this tool to communicate with all your Facebook connections without the need for a web browser. This is useful for anyone who uses Messenger frequently. The user will find that the program is useful through native desktop notifications and a familiar interface. This application is recommended because it has all the advantages of web messenger without any disadvantages. The latest version is compatible with all Windows 10 computers and is also available for iOS.