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MegaDownloader is a free and fast application that allows you to download files directly from your computer. Although this application is not official, it is specifically designed to download files from Mega as quickly and easily as possible. There is a companion app to download as well, but that’s another topic to discuss! Why use MegaDownloader? For anyone using ;, it’s a great way to download files quickly. The application allows users to download multiple files at once, it is completely secure and so easy to use. The size of the files does not matter, as they are large; (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Are there any special requirements? No way. This application is designed to work on all modern operating systems running Net or higher. This means that you can run this application on almost anything that can access the Internet without any worries. The only limitation we see is the inability to install new languages ​​from within the application itself. Unfortunately, if you want to use this application in another language, you will need to configure it manually.

MP4 Downloader is an amazingly great software that you install on your computer or mobile device. The tool lets you easily download various videos from a wide variety of websites, which include websites that are not popular at all. Not only can you download modern and popular social media sites or channels Before you get into the quality of this MP4 downloader, this tool has two disadvantages. The first is that the connection between the software and the video you download is not secure and the firewall can be activated. Second, the tool is not free, you only get a free trial. Otherwise, this tool is great for the simple reason that you can run downloads from a very wide range of video sharing and publishing sites. The interface lets you quickly paste video URLs and automatically selects the highest resolution for your videos. You can also download audios using the video URL and select only the audio option. You can queue your videos in the software and schedule them for later download (function () {(‘review-page-page-desktop’);}); One of the best things about the MP4 downloader is that it compares so well with its competition. There are literally hundreds of download tools that allow users to download videos from social media sites, such as DailyMotion and YouTube. However, most other download tools are terrible. This tool shines with the lack of many disadvantages that most other movie and video downloaders have.