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For digital artists with an interest in manga a simple paint program just won’t cut it. Tools like Manga Studio also known as Clip Studio Paint make life easier by providing a full set of tools for everything from drawing to lettering. With features to rival the big-name image editors this is an expensive but powerful contender with some specialised you need to create Studio has a huge feature list covering every step of making a manga or comic. Better yet you’ll find a series of video tutorials explaining each aspect of the software. The idea is to not just make it easier to draw but to assemble your images as a story. You have access to an animation timeline to adjust your transitions a light table function and an onion skin display for viewing multiple cells at once. Convenience is factored in too such as letting you export to various formats and draw with a tablet. Text can be placed and adjusted in minute detail. This is clearly software designed by (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Specialised art Studio is not cheap but it is highly specialised and packed with features that are made with manga drawing in mind. From animation to text this software gives you all the tools for making your own manga and comics. All you need is talent and a lot of fixesChangesBug fixes