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As the authors write, Keyword Researcher Pro is the only SEO tool that helps you find long keywords and create SEO optimized content for your website, without Russian support, that is obviously a disadvantage, there are too many parameters here, you cannot do it right away Understand … It allows you to search Google Autocomplete and can also organize Google Keyword Planner CSV files and help you write SEO optimized articles.

Have you ever wondered how to find long keywords for your website? When you do a Google search, you may notice a small menu that tries to predict what you are about to enter next. For example, when I type the phrase “How does a website work …?”, Google suggests:

How your site makes money

How does the site work

How does the site find my location?

How the site server works

how the site helps businesses

Here are some interesting keywords. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to keep all these keywords so that we can add them to our site’s content? This is where the Keyword Investigator comes in. It is an easy to use keyword search tool. Once activated, it emulates a human using Google autocomplete and enters thousands of Google queries over and over again. Whenever a partial expression is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the full expression might be. We only keep this forecast.

In the link, you cannot buy a license for the program, but download Keyword Researcher for free, there is also a portable version with a built-in key / crack, just indicate the location on the hard drive where to unzip the software, then run it and enjoy of the effect, and the rest can buy a key if you want to support the authors. In general, that’s it, I think the main meaning of the program is clear, you can get acquainted in more detail by working directly with the utility.

Developer: clevergizmos

License: ShareWare


Size: 22 MB

Operating system: Windows 7+

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