KeyTweak x86 update download torrent

(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });The Keytweak program allows you to remap your keyboard keys: you are able to reset all your mapping with just one click you may disable keys enable others and save your redefinition within just a few clicks.

Change The Way Your Keyboard Behaves When You Press Its ButtonsWhen you open the Keytweak GUI you will see your keyboard along with a series of commands and buttons. Define each key as you wish and set it alongside a command or leave it blank to disable it. Once you have finished mapping your keys save your work and enable the Keytweak program. From that point onwards your keyboard is mapped as you defined while using the program’s GUI.

Conclusion – A Very Effective Key mapping ProgramThere are plenty of reasons why you may wish to redefine your keyboard. It may be a security measure or you may need to redefine it to run a program you have or to play a certain game. The Keytweak system will even help you if your keyboard is broken and some of the keys no longer work. It is a free program that works brilliantly so if you need your keyboard remapping you need look no further than this program.