Jixipix Watercolor Studio 1 Torrent Download

The watercolor studio produces fluid, liquid and translucent watercolors with a natural color. The application is based on an incredible representation system that uses real techniques. The app prints, instantly creates watercolors, and allows you to customize your paintings with various slides, layers, brushes, paint washes, and artistic finishes. The high quality final watercolor is filled with bright light and clear beauty. Study of water cats

Watercolor Studio uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to make early watercolors, giving you the ability to create endless variations quickly and easily. Turn the painting into an ink cleaner, add a beautiful work of art, brush with detail, and share it with liquid stains. Control everything from negative color-space-color. No artistic skills required.

The beauty of a well-executed watercolor is due to the transparency of the color on the paper. It also includes watercolor, which has a unique function of free movement. Watercolor Studio makes it easy with its unique liquid slide. As you move it, look at the dripping paint on a particularly damp picture. Or use the wet edge slide to define the edges with natural pigments and flowing colors.

Use it as a standard application or integrate it into your workflow with our add-ons: Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, PaintShop Pro and Affinity Photo

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Paint Style, also known as Paint Layer, allows you to create beautiful and unique watercolors by arranging layers of watercolor, mixing colors and textures and combining details. No artistic skills required. Each photo placed in a watercolor studio is automatically converted to a watercolor by fully controlling this setting. Although we have complete control over the color made on paper, some of the most beautiful effects appear in the experimental process. So have fun and try not to be too careful. You will be amazed at any country you can.

Paint and coat style

Watercolor has a series of wet slides: Wet Edge, Liquid and Bleed Edge, designed to give the painting a natural look. Choose from landscape settings for wet-flow painting or painting and portrait-controlled details.

Wash Ink creates a limited color palette and allows the user to create and move colors using the washing machine library.

Colored clothing uses hand-translucent clothing and stain. Use one or more stacks for custom color combinations and textures.

The liquid is a transparent layer used by brushes to mix and clean watercolor areas. Move, turn it on or off, or delete it to start making redundant transfers that are easy to use and very forgivable.

Splatter uses water drops in watercolors. Choose from multicolored, monochrome or colorless. The ability to remove dots and edges from storage boxes allows you to move and resize sparks.

The outlines define the edges of the entire image. Choose between strips of round liquid watercolor or sharp ink.

Canvas is the basis of your drawing. Use this layer to change the style of the canvas. Choose betweencold press, hot press or raw paper texture