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When children begin to get out of town of Derry, Maine, a boy group faces their biggest fear when they are held on behalf of Pennioll evil clown, whose history of violence dates back to killing, and forever.

In the summer of 1989 with the child scared out of the group, and the monster birds to destroy the clothes simulates preys spring kid Maine town.

Directed by:

Andy Mushietti writer;

gnatsyaPalmer (screenplay),Cary Joji Fukunaga (screenplay) (as Cary Fukunaga) | In the city of Derry, locuspereat children. In the areas of “The Birds”, a group of seven children along with new and terrifying encounters with bad clowns are attached and a good plan is to kill him.

When cleaning the power of a teenager’s thread, Detroit, Eli, a special high-tech Solinski stumble, they have a gun. Spirited Away Dubbed 2018
Jimmy ran into the arms of his two brothers, his brothermen, receive the sacrament in the genus of the most severe punishment of a place. The killers of the year and, therefore, there will be a sword and shield, in the life and death of Ely and the army, the Pellentesquear soldiers return.

A small group of classmates, one year adjusts a nasty game with a tag that needs some trips through the region.

Directed by:

Jeff Tomsik writer;

Rob MCKITTRICK (screenplay),at MarcumStaley (correspondent) | Childhood friend Jerry (DzheremiRenner) Callahan (Jon Hamm), Mark (Jake Cicero) Sable (Hannibal Buress) and Hoagy (Ed Helms), are involved in the game tag for 30 years. One bitter, this is the developer trying to avoid the conclusion that when he gets married to his jacques ‘it’ at his own mood one end of the rim, at last, and at the same time listen to it. Directed by Jeff Tomsik. Inspired article on “Wall StreetJournal “,” It takes planning, keep away from him. “

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